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3 Road Trip Books You Don’t Want to Miss

Ready for a road trip? Check out these adventurous books!

Ahhh, Spring.  We’re finally starting to feel some consistent warm weather in Indiana, and my family can’t get outside enough.  We’re walking, driving, and playing every chance we get just so we can soak up the sun!

And this is the season for road trips.  Whether it’s a planned Spring Break trip or something spontaneous, a road trip can be an amazing adventure.  So if you’re feeling all the Spring feels, check out these road trip books to keep you in the mood!

Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson

After Amy’s father died in a car accident, Amy will have nothing to do with driving.  So when her mother decides to move the family from California to Connecticut to help the family refresh, Amy refuses to drive the family car.  Enter Roger, the son of a family friend who has agreed to drive Amy cross-country to her new home.  Amy has a lot to deal with on this trip, and it turns out that Roger might need to deal with some baggage as well.  And when the pair decides to take a detour from their scheduled drive, they open themselves up to a life-changing experience.

This book is realistic with some romance and is quite an adventure.  It features playlists, receipts, and souvenirs throughout the book to keep readers feeling like you’re on the road trip, too.  Amy’s journey not only to her new home but also to an acceptance of her father’s death is deep yet necessary–it allows you as the reader to recognize the inner journeys we must often take to keep moving forward in life.


Don’t Fail Me Now by Una LaMarche

Michelle, a mixed senior from inner city Baltimore, has a crummy life.  Her mom is in jail–again–for drugs, her father is a deadbeat dad, her aunt wants to charge her and her younger siblings an exorbitant rent, and school plus her job at Taco Bell has her exhausted.  Leah, a white student from the Baltimore suburbs, has a pretty comfortable life with her mom, stepdad, and stepbrother.  In fact, Leah’s social media accounts will reveal that she’s mostly focused on getting her braces off and finding a date to a school dance.  What do Michelle and Leah have in common?  They share the same dad…who’s left them both.  And although Michelle and Leah know that each other exists, they don’t know anything about each other.  Until now.  When Leah learns that their father is dying, she and Michelle join up (without parental permission) to road trip to California to see him one last time.

This is no Disney movie.  This book is realistic, and I could completely picture everything happening in real life.  From irate parents to concerned/biased hotel managers to tense car rides, this book resembles what this situation would actually involve.  Michelle and Leah aren’t thrilled to meet each other and their trip doesn’t result in finding a father who’s leaving them $1 million.  But don’t get me wrong–this book isn’t depressing.  It is so character-driven that I found myself desperate to know how Michelle and Leah’s stories would turn out.  It does not disappoint–it is real.


An Abundance of Katherines by John Green

Colin Singleton has been dumped for the nineteenth time.  And every girl he has ever dated (and been dumped by) was named Katherine with a K.  So when his friend convinces him to take a road trip to avoid the I’ve-been-dumped-for-the-nineteenth-time blues, Colin reluctantly agrees.  But this trip is to be the most unexpected part of Colin’s life yet.

This was the first book I ever read by John Green and I immediately fell in love with his writing.  This book is hilarious, thought-provoking, and even a little ridiculous at times.  You’ll find yourself obsessed with anagrams and wondering what you would learn if you interviewed your neighbors.  Colin is a sympathetic yet strong protagonist, and his buddy Hassan is just downright crazy.  A fun road trip and an unforgettable book!


What are your favorite road trip books?  And what have been your favorite road trips?!


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