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5 Reasons to Read Mindy McGinnis

5 Reasons Why You Should Read Mindy McGinnis!

The first time I read a Mindy McGinnis book, I knew I wanted my friends to read her, too.  The second time I read a Mindy McGinnis book, I knew I wanted my students to read her, too.  And now that I’ve read all four of her published books?  I’m obsessed.

So obsessed, in fact, that I had her visit my school last week.  My students have spent the semester analyzing, exploring, and discussing her books and we couldn’t wait to pepper her with questions and emotions (spoiler: we may have asked her “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!”).

But if you need some convincing, here are 5 reasons why you should read Mindy McGinnis.

1– She will have you feeling all the feels.

And I mean all the feels. You might be really happy with the plotline, but be prepared for Mindy to break your heart…and maybe stomp on it.  And trust me–that’s not necessarily a bad thing (Mindy even told me she gets hate mail and loves it!).  It means you’re invested in the characters and the plot.  Readers need to feel and invest, and Mindy will get you to do both.

2–She will surprise you.

I haven’t been able to predict any of Mindy’s books.  And some of her surprises?  I don’t think you could pay me to think them up.  Her characters are shocking, quick to act, and unforgiving.  In Mindy’s books I’ve read about a death machine that draws the water out of human bodies, a child sniper, a practically guiltless serial killer, a bag of puppies tossed out a window, lobotomies…you get the picture.  Mindy admits to thinking up many of these horrible scenes and you probably won’t see many of them coming.

3–She will teach you.

Do you know that our world IS actually running out of water?  That’s the premise for the Not a Drop to Drink duology.  Do you know what could land you in an 1800s insane asylum (and that they were absolutely AWFUL)?  That’s the premise for the historical thriller A Madness So Discreet.  And do you know that many of our young people are desensitized to the issues of rape?  That’s the focus of Mindy’s newest novel, The Female of the Species.

4–She doesn’t stick to one genre.

Did you catch the genres that I mentioned in #3?  Mindy’s four books cover three genres, and she told me that she’s currently writing a fantasy series.  That’s FOUR genres!  Most authors stick to one or two genres so they can “master” it.  And readers tend to have favorite genres, so authors appreciate gaining a fan base from a particular genre (i.e. You don’t see people rushing to the horror section for Nicholas Sparks!).  But I appreciate that Mindy breaks down that common practice and writes about what she wants.

5–Her writing is beautiful.

Yes, she writes about what she wants but she does so beautifully!  Mindy has a way of crafting words together that I will probably never be able to do.  I could say “I’m eating a hamburger” and Mindy say “I’m eating a hamburger” and I promise you–she would make it sound more beautiful than me.  Mindy admitted to me last week that she hasn’t had formal training in writing, and maybe that’s the secret–she doesn’t follow anyone’s “rules” and just writes what she thinks.  Her sentence structures, descriptions, and entire writing style in general is just amazing (and perfect for my students to analyze!).


So there you have it–five reasons why you should read Mindy McGinnis books RIGHT NOW!  Then leave me some comments telling me how amazing your life is now that you’ve read a McGinnis book.



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