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5 Ways to Make Time for Reading

Here are 5 easy ways that you can make time for reading!

Do you really want to read for pleasure but just don’t see how you have the time?  Our lives can get crazy busy but it IS possible to squeeze in a little reading for fun.  Check out these 5 suggestions on how you can add some reading into your everyday!

1–Read before bed

Statistics have shown that your brain can’t turn off (and therefore get into a good sleep pattern) if you watch TV/check your phone before bed.  But reading is a whole other story.  Taking a half hour to an hour before bed to snuggle up in some PJs and bed covers and read by lamplight is relaxing and enjoyable.  It always feels like a treat to me when I establish this bedtime routine.  And it’s amazing the amount of reading that can get done when there are no noisy or bright distractions around!  Warning, though: it IS possible to get wrapped up in a story and not notice the time!  I’m currently reading Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys before bedtime and it is nothing short of A-MAZING!

2–Read with a buddy

Whether it’s joining a book club or simply reading along with a friend, having a reading “accountability” partner is always helpful in making time to read.  Knowing that someone wants to discuss a book with you gets you reading and even thinking deeper into the book.  I currently have lunch with a friend every Friday so we can discuss For the Love by Jen Hatmaker (a hilarious book, by the way!).  It’s been completely low-stress; we each read about 2 chapters a week and share our thoughts together.
I’ve also been in a book “club”–I put that in quotations because it’s me and 2 other people…so a pretty small club–that meets about 5 times a year to discuss books.  I read Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell and Beautiful Creatures by Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia at a more analytical level so I could discuss it with the group.  I cherish those discussions–plus it’s always a good excuse for going out to eat with girlfriends!

3–Read in a non-traditional way

Reading doesn’t have to mean sitting down in a quiet setting with a hardback book anymore.  It could mean listening to an audio book while on a jog, reading an E-book on your phone while waiting for your pharmacy prescription to be filled, or listening to a book on CD from your work computer.  Book formats are expanding to meet your busy life needs, so you can take advantage of that!  I always have a book playing off my phone while I’m cleaning up the kitchen or getting ready in the morning.

4–Read what YOU want (and not only what you should)

This can be hard–when you finally make time to read, it can be overwhelming actually choosing what to read.  But the answer is simple–what YOU want.  What book sounds interesting?  What cover draws you in?  What have you heard a lot of buzz about?  We can become overwhelmed by what we have to read for work, school, committees, etc. but it’s so important to read what interests us.  Be selfish–read what you want to read.  I recently read Aaron Hartzler’s What We Saw because I loved his first book.  And because I wanted to read it, I raced through it.

5–Take advantage of your commute

If you have a commute of 10 minutes or longer, you have primetime reading time.  Check out some audio books from your public library and use that driving time to get lost in a story (but not too lost–you still have to stop at red lights!).  I read the entire Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz during my daily commutes.  Right now I’m listening to The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken on my weekly drive to church (a 30 minute drive).  I enjoy every minute of my drive when I get to listen to a book!  And for parents–kids love audio books, too!  Take advantage of that captive audience!

So how do you make time to read?  Share in the comments your favorite tips/tricks for staying on top of your TBR pile.


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