About Me

Hi there! I’m Julia!

I’m a high school librarian who loves all things stylish.  I love to chat about books I’ve read, outfits I’ve put together, fun recipes, and home design makeovers.  Stylish in the Stacks is my happy place where I talk about amazing books and how those books can add style to your life.  I gush about my favorites in reading, fashion, crafts, food, and home décor. I hope that this blog is a resource for readers and non-readers alike, a place that draws you to great books.People who love

As a wife and mommy of two boys, I know what it’s like to feel like there just isn’t time to read.
But books aren’t just for escaping your life—they’re also for exploring your life—and I hope this blog
helps you do just that!  I have an endless desire to spread the love of reading.

I love dressing fancy.

I love glittery nail polish.

I love dinner parties.

I’m always on the lookout for something good to read.

I love meeting authors.

I love couches piled with pillows.

I love having a to-read list that is longer than I can handle.

And I love that you found me here!


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