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The Eliot Rosewater High School Book Award Winners!

I’m so excited to reveal the Top 3 books of the Eliot Rosewater High School Book Award!  The “Rosie” Committee exposes Indiana teens to 20-25 recreational reading books, ranging in genres and reading levels.  Each school year teens rate the books, and one winner and two honor (2nd and 3rd place) books are announced in early May.

This year’s choices were great!  The votes were close, but I’m excited by what the 2700+ students chose.  Watch today’s video to see the winners!


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Cinderella Re-Tellings

Love Cinderella? Check out these YA books! #stylishinthestacks

My three-year-old niece Heidi LOVES Cinderella.  She has a costume, plush dolls, and a soundtrack that she often dances to with her Daddy (it’s an adorable site!).  Cinderella is that iconic Disney princess–a timeless beauty.  So if you’re Cinderella-obsessed as well, here are some YA re-tellings to keep the love story alive. Continue Reading →

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3 Reasons Why You Should Read What We Saw

3 Reasons you must read What We Saw--an intense, honest, powerful book!

Two years ago, I met Aaron Hartzler at YALLFest and just fell in love with him and his writing.  He’s hilarious, super-friendly, and insightful.  Even though we don’t agree on all things political or faith-based, I respect his point of view and couldn’t wait to get my hands on his debut fiction novel, What We Saw.  And after reading it, I think you should read it, too!  Here’s why. Continue Reading →

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3 Road Trip Books You Don’t Want to Miss

Ready for a road trip? Check out these adventurous books!

Ahhh, Spring.  We’re finally starting to feel some consistent warm weather in Indiana, and my family can’t get outside enough.  We’re walking, driving, and playing every chance we get just so we can soak up the sun!

And this is the season for road trips.  Whether it’s a planned Spring Break trip or something spontaneous, a road trip can be an amazing adventure.  So if you’re feeling all the Spring feels, check out these road trip books to keep you in the mood! Continue Reading →

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Books You Should Have On Your Coffee Table

A fun and beautiful collection of coffee table books for your home!

I LOVE coffee table books.  They tell a lot about a person–these are the books a person specifically chooses for the home as décor and browse reading.  They show off a person’s interests, tastes, and even dreams.

But when I look at home tours online, I often see the same design books stacked on everyone’s coffee table.  So I have made a list of six types of books that are perfect for the coffee table–especially when mixed together!  And you better believe these are the books that you’ll find on my coffee tables!

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3 Reasons You Should Read Noggin

Do you ever read a book and think to yourself “I think this is just like such-and-such book” or “isn’t this a copycat of ____”?  Well, this isn’t one of those books.  Noggin by John Corey Whaley is so uniquely its own that it can’t even be compared to anything else.

The book follows Travis Coates, a 16-year-old who is going to die soon.  His cancer has continued to grow despite every treatment available.  And honestly, Travis is tired of fighting it.  But when a scientist/doctor shows up and offers Travis’s life back, he’s all ears.  But to live out the rest of his life, Travis will need to have his head transferred to another body (a head transplant?  a body transplant?) and be willing to live the rest of his life in someone else’s body.  When Travis agrees to this crazy procedure, he wakes up five years later with a new body and friends who have grown up without him.

You need to read it.  Here are three reasons why.

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Miss Downton Abbey? Read These YA Novels!

If you love Downton Abbey you should read these!

Yes, friends, it’s really over.  Although the final season for Downton Abbey was released awhile ago in England, it just ended here in the U.S. and I am feeling it.  No more Mary, Tom, Edith, Anna, and dear old Mr. Bates.  We’ve watched Daisy mature, Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes fall in love, and Granny get in all her digs.

If you’re still grieving the goodbye of the Grantham family, check out these titles!  They’re very similar in time period, characters, and/or plot and will have you feeling all the Downton feels. Continue Reading →