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Books You Should Have On Your Coffee Table

A fun and beautiful collection of coffee table books for your home!

I LOVE coffee table books.  They tell a lot about a person–these are the books a person specifically chooses for the home as décor and browse reading.  They show off a person’s interests, tastes, and even dreams.

But when I look at home tours online, I often see the same design books stacked on everyone’s coffee table.  So I have made a list of six types of books that are perfect for the coffee table–especially when mixed together!  And you better believe these are the books that you’ll find on my coffee tables!

1–A DESIGN BOOK that matches your style

Ok, design books do make great coffee table books. What better decorative book than one filled with beautiful photos of home décor?  Choosing a book that matches your personal style, though, gives the design book a dual purpose.  Sure, it shows off lovely homes, but it also points back to your own home.  It makes others see the inspiration you have when decorating your home.  For this category, I chose Emily Henderson’s Styled.  Emily uses a lot of mid-century inspiration in her designs and has a partnership with Target (enough said, right?).  I’m obsessed with how she can take reasonably priced décor and simply transform a room.


I’ve mentioned on my YouTube channel before that I love cookbooks and could read through them daily.  They’re fun, beautiful, and all so different.  Food invokes conversation, so a book dedicated to food and drink is a no-brainer on a coffee table.  I chose Shake: A New Perspective on Cocktails.  The illustrations are lovely and the subject of cocktails is fancy and fun.

3–A book about a TV SHOW or MOVIE

Each of us has at least one TV show or movie that we’re willing to watch hours of behind-the-scenes footage for.  We’ll sit on the couch binge-watching a TV marathon or a Netflix series, soaking up every last detail.  And for so many of these shows, there’s a book!  I recently sent my older sister Downton Abbey: A Celebration for her birthday because I know she’s watched the Downton Abbey series more than once and loves the period setting.  Cinema books are so fun to flip through and make for lively conversation.

4–A WACKY book

Keeping coffee table books unpredictable is what makes them fun instead of boring.  Having something funny, bizarre, or unexpected on the coffee table can lighten and brighten a room.  I LOVE all things Roald Dahl, especially Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  So when I found the book Inside Charlie’s Chocolate Factory, I knew I needed it lying around the house.  It takes a look at everything Charlie Bucket and Willy Wonka, especially the inspirations behind the zany, fun story.

5–A book filled with PICTURES/PHOTOS

Coffee table books aren’t necessarily meant to be word-for-word reading.  Half the fun is just looking at pictures, right?  So a great coffee table book is a YA or adult book filled with images.  Whether they be illustrations, paintings, or photographs, they should keep you wanting to open the book.  I’ve always been obsessed with all things Disney, and Disney Golden Books are no exception.  So I was ecstatic to find the book The Art of the Disney Golden Books–it focuses on the illustrations for all the Disney Golden Books.  How fantastic is that?!


Whether you have children at home or not, children’s books can be great fun to read.  Having your favorite childhood book on the table or one that has caught your eye keeps your home less serious and more fun.  I am obsessed with the BabyLit children’s books and buy them for all my friends’ baby showers.  They turn classic books into adorable, educational stories (Don Quixote teaching Spanish, Huck Finn teaching camping terms, etc.).
So what books do you have on your coffee table?  Any that fit into these categories?  What has been catching your eye lately?


The post above contains an affiliate link.  This simply means that any purchases you make help me buy more books to discuss on this little blog (and maybe even give away!).  Thank you for your support!

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    Older Sister Alison
    June 28, 2016 at 1:51 am

    Yep, love the DA book on my coffee-table-more-like-an-ottoman! So fun just to pick up. Thanks for the Christmas gift!!

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