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DIY Teacup Bookmarks

These teacup bookmarks are ADORABLE and so easy to make!

It’s been a little chilly in Indiana lately (hello, February!)–the perfect weather for snuggling up with a blanket and a book.  And what cuter bookmark is there for cold winter reading than these ADORABLE teacup bookmarks?!  I found the original tutorial over at Genuine Mudpie and they are SO simple to make.  I adjusted a few of her instructions and was able to whip up 3 bookmarks in under 30 minutes!  Let me show you how I did it.

Scrapbook paper/Correlating plain colored paper
Glue stick
White glue
Utility knife
Teacup templates (I used these)

1.  Cut out your template, using the utility knife to cut out the inside of the teacup handle.  Trace the template twice (once for the front and once upside-down for the back) onto the scrapbook paper and cut out.  *I always trace on the back of the scrapbook paper to avoid any pencil lines showing through.

Easy tutorial for making cute teacup bookmarks!

2.  Cut out a piece of twine about 5 inches in length (or use a book to measure how long you want the twine to hang outside the book).  Tie each separate end into a knot to avoid any unraveling.
On the back of one of the teacup papers, put a dot of glue about 3/4 inch from the top.  Place one knotted end of the string on top of the glue so that the knot is directly underneath the glue.

Easy tutorial for making cute teacup bookmarks!

3.  Cover the glue/string with a small square piece of scrap paper.  This will hold the string in place.

Easy tutorial for making cute teacup bookmarks!

4.  Cover the rest of the back of the teacup with a glue stick and glue to the other teacup.

Easy tutorial for making cute teacup bookmarks!

5.  Cut out a small rectangle from a colored piece of paper and fold in half.  This will be the “teabag.”  I left mine plain but this would be cute with a little monogram drawn on it!
Inside the teabag’s fold, put another dot of glue and lay the other end of the string on top.

Easy tutorial for making cute teacup bookmarks!

6.  Cover the rest of the teabag with the glue stick and close together.

Easy tutorial for making cute teacup bookmarks!

And now you have an ADORABLE teacup bookmark!  How easy was that?!

Take 15 minutes to make the most adorable teacup bookmarks!

Leave comments/photos below if you make a few of these for yourself or your friends!


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