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Like Making a Murderer? Read These Books!

Are you obsessed with Making a Murderer? Then you need to check out these YA books!

It seems like the entire world has been watching Making a Murderer lately on Netflix.  The documentary series follows Steven Avery, a Wisconsin native who was convicted and imprisoned in 2007 for the murder of a young female photographer.  What distinguishes Avery’s case is that he had previously served 18 years in prison for a wrongful sexual assault conviction.  So the documentary questions whether Avery actually committed the murder or whether the local police/justice authorities are simply out to punish him.

It’s heartbreaking.  It’s suspenseful.  It’s exciting.

There’s a crime.  There are secrets.  Innocence is questioned and guilt is assumed.

It sounds like a book, right?

Well if you have been obsessed with this documentary series (I have SO many friends who have binge-watched the series late at night), here are some YA reads that you’ll want to check out!

Are you obsessed with Making a Murderer? Then you need to check out these YA books!

1—Jude by Kate Morgenroth

*This is one of those books that I randomly found in the library and LOVED.
Fifteen-year-old Jude has only ever known his father.  So when he finds his father murdered in their home, he is turned over to his biological mother—and is shocked to discover that she is the District Attorney in town.  Jude will do anything to show his mother that he is a good addition to her life, so he agrees to a crazy scheme to further her political career.  But his role in that scheme will require him to make a very unexpected sacrifice.  And his wish for his mother’s approval changes to a plan for revenge.

2—The Mockingbirds by Daisy Whitney

Themis Academy is like an Ivy League college in a high school setting—it has top-notch academics, focused students, and a variety of extracurriculars.  In fact, the school seems so perfect that it doesn’t even have a discipline policy.  But perfection is just an illusion, and no one knows that better than the students.  So The Mockingbirds was formed, a student society tasked with keeping order amongst the teens.  Alex Patrick never thought she would need to use The Mockingbirds, but when she is date-raped by another student, she knows she must fight in front of the society so that justice is served.  But all she has right now is her word against his…
*If you get tired of trilogies, this is the first in a two-book series!

3—Hero Type by Barry Lyga

Kevin is a loner, an outsider who barely gets any attention.  But he moves from being a zero to a hero after he was in the right place at the right time and saves a female classmate from an attack.  The town celebrates Kevin and his bravery and rewards him with ceremony and a car.  But when a journalist documents Kevin throwing away a few “Support the Troops” car decals, the town immediately returns him to his zero status, deeming him unpatriotic and ungrateful.  Kevin decides to face the criticism only to realize he may be ostracizing himself and his family more than ever.

4—Shine by Lauren Myracle

Cat is shocked to learn her elementary best friend Patrick is the victim of a hate crime.  After being brutally beaten and left for dead, Patrick is in a coma in the hospital while his attacker(s) remains unknown.  Even though Cat has lost touch with Patrick over the years, she is desperate to find out the truth behind his attack.  Her search takes her around their small, Southern town where everyone seems to know everyone else’s business and no one forgets past mistakes.  Cat is about to learn the strength it takes to stand alone when fighting for justice.

5—Reality Check by Peter Abrahams

Cody seems to have a lot going for him—he’s quarterback of his high school football team and has a beautiful girlfriend named Clea.  But things aren’t great for long.  Clea’s father isn’t happy about their relationship and sends Clea across the country to a boarding school.  She and Cody break up, and shortly thereafter Cody injures his knee and ruins his chances of playing football.  Cody’s depressed life is jolted, though, when he reads in a newspaper that Clea has disappeared from school.  Although it is assumed that she has run away (and that Cody may have something to do with that), Cody knows that the situation is much more serious than running away over a crush.  He must take matters into his own hands to clear his name and find his Clea.

All of these have what Making a Murderer fans have been obsessing over–crooked authorities, mystery disappearances, changing reputations, secrets, and investigations.  So which book will you check out?


The post above contains an affiliate link.  This simply means that any purchases you make help me buy more books to discuss on this little blog (and maybe even give away!).  Thank you for your support!

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