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Miss Downton Abbey? Read These YA Novels!

If you love Downton Abbey you should read these!

Yes, friends, it’s really over.  Although the final season for Downton Abbey was released awhile ago in England, it just ended here in the U.S. and I am feeling it.  No more Mary, Tom, Edith, Anna, and dear old Mr. Bates.  We’ve watched Daisy mature, Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes fall in love, and Granny get in all her digs.

If you’re still grieving the goodbye of the Grantham family, check out these titles!  They’re very similar in time period, characters, and/or plot and will have you feeling all the Downton feels.

1–Manor of Secrets

This book follows two young women–wealthy yet sheltered Lady Charlotte Edmonds and smart, hard-working kitchen maid Janie Seward.  Charlotte longs for life outside The Manor walls while Janie knows should could aspire to be more than a maid.  Their lives overlap in The Manor and the secrets that come out will change their lives forever.

Life above and below the stairs, secrets and rules–totally like Downton.

2–The Luxe

Set in 1899 Manhattan, beautiful and privileged Elizabeth Holland is found dead from a drowning.  This startling even brings forth scandalous behavior of several teenagers from various social classes.  Was life at the top just too much for Elizabeth, or did someone want to see her disappear?

Downton Abbey started with the sinking of the Titanic and the characters’ various reactions to it.  This book thrusts readers into tragedy and the secrets behind it.

3–The Lost Crown

The four daughters of the early 20th-century Russian Tsar Nicholas II—Grand Duchesses Olga, Tatiana, Maria, and Anastasia–alternately tell how their lives change forever with the first shot of WWI.

Sisters in the middle of WWI–yes, this book is set in Russia rather than England but the time period is nevertheless connected to Downton Abbey.

4–The FitzOsbornes in Exile

A look at high society during WWII and a family trying to find their place in the world.  Sophie FitzOsborne’s family takes shelter in England, but starting over isn’t easy when you’ve lost so much.  How can one search for a husband, debut in a ballgown, or mark her independence in the midst of such tragedy?

Although this features WWII rather than WWI, the struggle to keep living “on top” is nevertheless explored.

5–Cinders & Sapphires

Ada Averley and her family have returned to Sometron, their majestic ancestral estate.  But scandal follows them, and beautiful Ada is torn between her happiness and her family’s honor.  Her new ladies’ maid Rose Cliffe would do anything to trade places with Ada and as their worlds collide, readers find forbidden attraction, ruthless ambition, and the quiet dreams of dutiful upperclass ladies.

Again we see here the colliding of the social classes and the various desires of each.


So which will you be grabbing up?  Or are you going to just re-watch the Downton seasons?


The post above contains affiliate links.  This simply means that any purchases you make help me buy more books to discuss on this little blog (and maybe even give away!).  Thank you for your support!

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