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Reading Resolutions and a Free Reading Log!


Happy 2017!  I just love starting a new year–dreaming about what I’ll accomplish and feeling all fresh.  So it should go without saying that I always make New Year’s resolutions.  Especially reading resolutions.  Why reading resolutions?  Well I think reading is one of those things that we never really have time for, so if we don’t make goals, we’ll inevitably push reading off to the side.  Sometimes we have to push ourselves to read–thus reading resolutions.

Last year I made some reading resolutions…and we’ll just leave it at that.  Needless to say, I didn’t hit many of my goals.  But that’s ok!  It was a crazy year for us–my husband started a business, my youngest child finished potty training (hallelujah!), my oldest child started Kindergarten and broke his arm, and I fought pneumonia practically all of November.  So reading didn’t always happen.  But I’m looking ahead to my 2017 reading!

So here are my 2017 Reading Resolutions!

  1. Read 75 books.

    Not everyone sets a # goal for reading and that is definitely okay.  But I’m a librarian, so it’s really important to me that I’m constantly reading so I can recommend and discuss books with my teens.  I try to read a book every 5 days or so, so this puts me just shy of 75.  And I’m going to push myself to read 75.

    *One way I’m going to keep track of these books (other than my Goodreads account) is through a reading log.  Feel free to print out and use the one I created!  Isn’t it cute?

    Download and print your own reading log here–Reading Log 2017

  2. Finish 10 series.

    I am constantly starting series and then not finishing them.  Not because I don’t want to finish the series but because there is so much to read!  So I’m going to have to consciously decide to finish series this year.  And I’m going to get that done with help from Resolution #3–

  3. Listen to 15 audiobooks.

    I’m in my car a lot, and what better way to get some reading in than through an audiobook?  I’d like to focus this year on finishing various book series by listening to them while I drive.  A win-win!

  4. Choose at least one book every month that I’m dying to read.

    So often I read books I’ve been assigned through various committees or classes, which means I miss out on reading whatever I want.  So this year I want to take time every month to read for complete pleasure–whatever. I. want.

  5. Read with my boys every night.

    I want my boys to enjoy reading, so it’s important to me that they learn that it’s enjoyable.  Which means we need to read together–a lot.  So I’m making it a goal to read every single night with my kiddos.  And I’ll be sharing each month what we read, because I know many parents want to hear about good books that will get their kids excited about reading!

So how about you?  What are your reading resolutions?  Leave a comment below to tell me about them!

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